Thursday, May 29, 2014


This time it is weaving looms on the right and fiber, fiber, fiber on the left.  Our last stop on our side trip from McCade was the Yarnorama in Paige Texas.  I was astounded at the sophisticated selection of yarns and fibers.  I am not sure what I expected when I climbed up on the porch steps of Yarnorama but it was not nearly as fabulous as what I found.  Susan, the owner was quiet but helpful, and when I asked about a linen yarn she went out and got her latest project which was a scarf using that fiber.  I am in love with this store, I just wish we had one down in the Rio Grande Valley.  When I mentioned that spinning with a drop spindle was on my "bucket" list she told me that on the first Saturday of the month they have a sort of spin-in, where people bring their spinning wheels and drop spindles and just have a spinning good time.  This is not a formal class but help is available.  I wandered about fondling yarn for a while and then I found the bargain shelves (sorry I cannot help it) where I picked up three spools of chenille yarn.  It is for weaving but neither Susan nor I could find any reason not to crochet with it.  She did suggest that I crochet tightly, wet it (it will feel terrible she warned) and then put it in the dryer and it will be wonderful.  OK more swatching in my future, I am learning to love swatching, I just use them to make facecloths or pouches.  I did also get some lovely apricot/champagne Shibui linen and matching beads which may become an amulet bag, or it may not, we will just have to see. If we come back this way this is definitely a stop!

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