Saturday, January 26, 2013

CGOA Master's Program

For those of you who have not heard I (Pat) retired at the end of December.  It was cold and rainy in Texas and I needed something to help make the transition so I went to work on a Masters program from the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA).  I had started it in the spring but I had not gotten very far, so I started again.  It consists of 48 increasingly complex swatches, with NO pictures as guidelines.  I not only started it I told others I was working on it so that I would HAVE to finish it.  And I did!

We are not supposed to publish any of the swatches but below is a picture of the notebook with the final swatches and my pile of "out-takes". Now I have to submit it to be evaluated.  There is a backlog (apparently a lot of other folks think that this is a good idea) and I am waiting to hear how long it will take before I can submit it. 

To answer a lot of people's questions, I will only get a pin from CGOA if I pass muster (which I consider important) and I am mostly doing it for my own self.  I would like to take my crochet journey seriously and this is one step on the way. 

Out-takes and Finished Binder
Hopefully I will be able to post on a regualr basis now - I have lots of projects on my to do list so I will have a lot to share.  Next posting - baby "stuff" for our first grandchild to be - Pat