Monday, May 2, 2011

More Buttons and Easter eggs

Well, here is the second bracelet I made out of the bag-o-buttons from Indianapolis.  The crochet is primarily half double crochet using heavy thread.  The buttons are two sizes small and smaller - overlapping, like fish scales.  It is fun to play with on the wrist and since I am "touchy-feely" about my crafts that is a nice feature for me.

And these are my Easter eggs, I couldn't get into dyeing them this year but I did get into crocheting some.

These were crocheted from end to end.  The blue one from the broad end to the narrow end and the gold one from the pointy end to the broad end.  I did one other - this one was supposed to be stiffened and pinned to a Styrofoam egg shape, but I altered it and crocheted the two halves together.  It was done lengthwise.
Next year there will be beaded eggs - maybe beaded christmas ornaments even before beaded eggs!