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crochet overlay jewelry by Melody MacDuffee

Melody was unable to find patterns for a look that she wanted, so she invented her own process.  These patterns are complex and dense.  The fabric design that is created is multi-layered and multi dimensional.  Her directions suggest using sewing thread and a #14 crochet hook.  That was really to small for me to see and learn so I moved up to #8 cotton crochet thread and a #10 steel hook.  I really love the richness of the patterns, every row is different and I am totally engaged while working on these projects.  Her instructions are good.  There is a General Instructions section in the front of the book that talks about the basic construction of the shapes.    She refers to this section frequently in the patterns, but once you have made a project and figured out the basics you will not have to turn to these pages all of the time.   Each project has stitch diagram in addition to the written instructions which I found very helpful.  So far I have made her beginning and Intermediate amulet bags and I adapted her Floral Diamond Necklace to an amulet bag also.  I have also applied her Cameo design to a cabochon and I branched out and crocheted some rocks (I love the Pinterest crocheted rocks and decided to do some of my own).

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