Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Crochet Challenge Week 12 Best Tip

The best crochet tip I every got was to change colors by using the change color in the last two loops of the stitch.  This tips has been posted frequently but I saw it about two years ago, I just don't remember where.  switching colors before you finish off the last two loops of a stitch makes for a nice neat color change.  I have been looking at tapestry crochet again.  I played around with it just a bit last fall, (tiny bag in three colors) but I would like to do some more work with it.  I was not doing the color change quite right.  Bags are fun because you keep working in the round.  Flat pieces are harder, for a return row I will either have to learn to crochet with my left hand or learn to crochet "backwards".  I can appreciate how hard it must be for my daughter, who is a lefty, to work in a "righty" world when I try to crochet left handed, that will take a LOT of practice.
Tapestry bag with red/yellow color change

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  1. Even though I've crocheted for so long, I didn't learn the correct color change technique til a few years ago. It's great you shared it because it's an important one! I love love love the tapestry bag!