Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Welcome to Bajor Lane, my place to post my crafts and ideas about life.  I am planning to post my projects (and I do have a lot of projects going at any given time) and plans.  I travel a lot for work so many of my projects are seperated into "travel" projects and "sitting" projects.  "Travel" projects are ones that travel well, Road Warrior projects.  They are ones that I can take with me and work on in the airport, on  a plane or just generally waiting somewhere.  "Sitting" projects  usually have more loose parts and require some space to spread things out, I do not do these on the plane, but I do often do them in my hotel room.  One of the nice things about travleing is that I get to explore a lot of different places, including museums, bead stores and quilt stores.  I hope to include some of my findings in future projects.

My sister and I - Knit and Crochet

My sister Marie has joined me on this blog.  We are very different people but we share many of the same interests.  She likes to knit but she does not enjoy chrochet, I know how to knit but I do not enjoy it the way I enjoy chrocheting. This summer we found some combo patterns (knit and crochet) and we did some joint projects. with Marie doing the knitting part and then I did the crochet trim. It was a lot of fun collaborating that way.  Marie is going to post some pictures at a later date (I hope).  The other project we started is felting.  We have been making some baskets out of wool yarn and felting them.  A small bucket and a potato masher works but the washing machine works better.  I am hoping that she will post some pictures of the baskets also.  If you have not figured it out yet, Marie is also the photography buff.