Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wear Your Art - The White Jacket

this is the beginning of the white jacket.  First I printed the designs on paper.  Then I traced the lapel and pockets.  I used the tracing to make a mask - something to look through and audition the prints, and the cutting pattern (including seam lines).  I cut the paper and pin it on the jacket to see how it looks.

Tracing the lapel and figuring out seams and how to piece it

Auditioning the print

The design

The jacket with paper pinned to the pocket
Next step cutting and piecing the lapel and pocket.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wear Your Own Art

We have spent the summer in the Santa Cruz area, Watsonville to be exact, awaiting the birth of our granddaughter and holding her, cuddling her and just loving her after her birth.  Oh yes, we also kept feeding the parents.  We also have friends in Aptos and this post is about a project I am doing with my friend Robin.  Robin has made some glorious Zentangle designs (kind of like doodling but on steroids) and she likes to wear artistic things.  She especially likes suit jackets, her favorite is getting to big as Robin has been loosing weight (you go girl).  So, we decided to decorate another jacket, I decided that we should use Robin's art rather than just find fabric.  Robin sent me some designs and I printed them on fabric.  Then I made a Lapel, pocket flap and some pins.

this is the jacket with artful additions

Her is a close up of the lapels and pins

Robin wearing the Jacket - we still have to change the buttons
Robin's Zentangle design

We had such a good time "co-creating art" that several things have happened.  I am going to do another jacket, a white jacket using black and white designs.  I will post some "in process" pictures in the next post.  I also went to OMG - you can design and create your own fabric and have it printed and shipped.  So of course I ordered a yard of one design, no I did not order a swatch I was to eager to see the full yard.  It will be coming soon.

Now I need to learn to edit the designs, I need to get the swatch book of the types of fabrics and I need to order some swatches of the other designs.  Limiting myself to 8 1/2 x11 size sheets is just to hard as I have to piece things together.  We would like to laminate some of the fabric and make wonderful tote bags.  More on the white jacket tomorrow.  As Robin says:
Edit it
Print it on fabric
Glitter it (Robin the glitter girl, glittered the hearts)
Laminate it
Make Stuff