Sunday, October 16, 2011

Moebius Basket and Bowl

I finally finished knitting and felting a moebius basket and a bowl. There were both made with Filatura Lanarota Kaleidoscope yarn which is 100% extra fine merino wool. I may have felted them a bit too much but they hold their shape well.

Above is the bowl, made from the blue and purple color, with felted and pre-felted views including a view of the bottom of the bowl. The decreases make such a lovely pattern when knit and after felting the colors blend together to look like a water color painting.

Below that is the basket with the felted and pre-felted photos using the multi-shade green yarn.

Monday, May 2, 2011

More Buttons and Easter eggs

Well, here is the second bracelet I made out of the bag-o-buttons from Indianapolis.  The crochet is primarily half double crochet using heavy thread.  The buttons are two sizes small and smaller - overlapping, like fish scales.  It is fun to play with on the wrist and since I am "touchy-feely" about my crafts that is a nice feature for me.

And these are my Easter eggs, I couldn't get into dyeing them this year but I did get into crocheting some.

These were crocheted from end to end.  The blue one from the broad end to the narrow end and the gold one from the pointy end to the broad end.  I did one other - this one was supposed to be stiffened and pinned to a Styrofoam egg shape, but I altered it and crocheted the two halves together.  It was done lengthwise.
Next year there will be beaded eggs - maybe beaded christmas ornaments even before beaded eggs!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My last assignment was in Beech Grove Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis.  In spite of being exhausted, which I attributed to work but was really due to being anaemic, I did find some nice bead stores.  More about htem later.  The other store that was great was a scrapbooking store They had some great stuff.  Including packets of buttons.  I love working with buttons, but sometimes I want to try out ideas without using my vintage buttons.  These packs were a great way to get a whole big bunch of buttons to play with, and they were these great "eastery" colors.  Get the buttons - come up with ideas later!

So now I have challenged myself to see how many different designs I can come up with - there are a lot of buttons, all different sizes.  For the first idea - I am making a bracelet with medium sized buttons, place flat on a crocheted base with tiny buttons interspersed and sticking up between the larger buttons. 

I used heavy duty thread and strung the buttons through two holes so they would lay flat.  The only problem with this is that they really, really tangle so I keep them wrapped in a washcloth.  I strung 2 of these to play around with the "crochet the buttons flat" idea.  Here is the finished bracelet - easter ready.
OK - so I am still working on this picture thing - taking, storing, transferring.  Next "lots-o-buttons" - I have taken apart and reworked another design about 3 times so tha tis the next one I will post.