Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More Amulet bags

I had previously posted some bags that still needed work and I am happy to say I have finished them.  I am still on the "finish your WIP's" kick from the 52 week Crochet challenge.  It is a good kick to be on as I tend to start projects when I have an idea and then let them languish because I have another good idea that has to get started RIGHT NOW!  WIP's are great when the inspiration bug does not bite though, since they are mostly designed I can do the finish up work while waiting for inspiration to strike.  The first bag is the "sun" bag.  My first try at using beads to cabochon the center stone.  I tried to get a close up of the glass piece in the center so that you can see the "sun spiral".  This one was one of the pieces that whispered a story and it is here. I tried to get a close up so that you could see the center of the glass insert.  The trim has amber, and Peruvian opal beads and tiny teardrops.  The trim design is from The Beaded Edge, as is the strap.

The next bag is one of my earth bags.  The purple trim is from the book The Beaded Edge and it is called Pansies, as it is supposed to look like the little flowers.  I used a vintage button for the closure.

The last bag is one of the Interlocking Crochet patterns.  It is reversible and I put vintage buttons on both sides so that it could be worn with either pattern.  I love using old buttons.  I have a few that are really nice Bakelite buttons that need some really special designs, still working on that.

I did do one project as a distraction when I got tired of working on bags, I crocheted another rock, this time using wire.  In the past I have not enjoyed using wire, it was to tough on my hands, but I found some 36 gauge and that is much easier to work up.  The beads were added by doing the top section first.  This let me work with the beads on the "wrong" side and then use that as the "right side for the top.  Once I put the rock into the net, I continued and closed up the back (no beads).  Not my favorite but I would try it again, I just need to get some more wire.  It is a different technique and not as forgiving as thread.  When it kinks, it stays kinked, even in the light gauge I used.


  1. These are so pretty, and I love the stories! What do you do with your amulet bags? I didn't see anywhere that you sold them. Besides crochet, have you ever made any with leather?

    1. I am planning an Etsy store in the near future thanks for your feedback