Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My last assignment was in Beech Grove Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis.  In spite of being exhausted, which I attributed to work but was really due to being anaemic, I did find some nice bead stores.  More about htem later.  The other store that was great was a scrapbooking store They had some great stuff.  Including packets of buttons.  I love working with buttons, but sometimes I want to try out ideas without using my vintage buttons.  These packs were a great way to get a whole big bunch of buttons to play with, and they were these great "eastery" colors.  Get the buttons - come up with ideas later!

So now I have challenged myself to see how many different designs I can come up with - there are a lot of buttons, all different sizes.  For the first idea - I am making a bracelet with medium sized buttons, place flat on a crocheted base with tiny buttons interspersed and sticking up between the larger buttons. 

I used heavy duty thread and strung the buttons through two holes so they would lay flat.  The only problem with this is that they really, really tangle so I keep them wrapped in a washcloth.  I strung 2 of these to play around with the "crochet the buttons flat" idea.  Here is the finished bracelet - easter ready.
OK - so I am still working on this picture thing - taking, storing, transferring.  Next "lots-o-buttons" - I have taken apart and reworked another design about 3 times so tha tis the next one I will post.