Thursday, May 15, 2014

Crochet Challenge Week 11: What kind of crocheter are you?

What kind of crocheter am I?  I did touch on that last week, I definitely alter patterns.  I might just like a stitch that was used in a pattern so I will appropriate it for something else.  The design might be to big or to small so I need to change it.  Usually I have to adapt because I am making something using my stash and it does not quite match the thread being used in the pattern. 

My Crochet "Doodle"

What I love the most is working with a technique or a stitch until I am comfortable with it and then
going off and designing something all on my own.  I love that feeling when my brain starts whirling and saying "what if...what if...what if...". 

Somehow though this has not translated into "freeform" crochet.  I do have plans to work on that technique.  For now the closest I come is what my friend Robin calls my "doodle" as in the picture above.  When I am stuck I pull this out and just start to crochet.  It isn't anything, so anything goes, next I am going to play with some color I highly recommend it as a relaxing exercise in shape.  I am using cotton crochet thread size 10 and a size 10 hook but it can be adapted to any weight.  Don't think useful as in hat, scarf, toy, etc, just let go and start to crochet.  You can see I was sort of rigid in the beginning.  I had been crocheting beaded ropes and it took a while to get out of that mode, plus I kept making mistakes while making the tubing so I went with the "what if I let the mistakes go into the design"? That is when I really started to enjoy it.  Try it you might like it too.

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