Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week 14 of Crochet Challenge

This week is crochet in public week, and I did.  I frequently crochet in public as I used to travel a lot and always crocheted in airports and on planes, in fact that is how I got involved in bead crochet.  Small project, pre-strung beads made for a great travel project.  Today I was at the Denver Art Museum and in between the talk about Bark Cloth conservation (next post) and the Modern Masters exhibit, I had coffee at the Café.  No interaction with people, which is what I usually find when I crochet in public.  Occasionally I will get a comment about "my mother used to do that" or "is that knitting?" (arrghhh seize the teaching moment), but usually people just take it in stride.
Crochet project and Pick Me Use Me Java Jacket
I am using the cotton/wool/silk yarn I got at the Quilted skein to make a bag.  I had swatched and pulled out about 5 lace patterns before I finally admitted that it was a bit to thick for the lace look I wanted, so now I am making a bag from Cheryl Theis' get hooked on Tunisian Crochet.  It is supposedly a market bag but I think it will be a project bag.

You can also see my crochet trimmed Java Jacket.  This past week Crochet Concupiscence reviewed Craftivism by Betsy Greer (  I had seen a post on craftivism by Betsy last year on and I started my Java Jacket project.  You know those cardboard sleeves that you get for coffee in a paper cup?  The ones that usually don't get dirty or wet but we throw them away anyway?  Well I poke holes in them and crochet them.  Then I use them, give them away or leave them at coffee shops.  They say "take a pic of me in use and post at or".  It is fun and it reminds me to reuse stuff.

Oh yes, I also got to crochet at the Enterprise location while I waited for my hubby after I turned in the car.  We had had a spot of trouble with the truck and rented a car while it was being fixed ($$$ don't ask).  There was a noisy 3 year old boy running around so no one was looking at a grey haired lady crocheting.  All in all a great day, next post I will tell you about the museum.

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