Sunday, June 8, 2014

DAM Quilts and button coats

There was just to much going on at the Denver Art Museum (DAM) for one post.  While I was there for the barkcloth talk there were also quilts displayed in the textile section and button blankets/coats in the Northwest section.  The new policy is that it is OK to take pictures without a flash, but I recommend asking.  I was not allowed to take pictures of the American Masters exhibit.  The quilts are beautifully displayed with lots of room around them so that you will not be distracted by to many items.  The lighting is soft to minimize exposure of the fabric and sometimes I could not get out of the way of shadows, so I apologize in advance for any shadows in the photos.

Cigarette "Flannels"
There were several "recycled" quilts including a quilt made of "tobacco flannels" (which came in the packages with the cigarettes and there was also a quilt that made of labels, originally the quilter was trying to mend a beloved quilt, but she ended up adding so many labels that she covered both sides with them.

Labels, labels,labels

Banded clothing
One of my favorites was a "banded" quilt, where the design is concentric square bands that was displayed next to a Navajo shirt to show a different use of banding
"Banded" Quilt

There was also a chintz quilt, obviously not a "recycle" quilt but rather one that speaks of a certain level of wealth and expertise, with a beautiful trim.

Chintz Quilt

Trim on Chintz quilt

In addition there is a little room with a comfy sofa and items to peruse.  They did have a little bit of everything and here is the crochet example.

Lace Display

Great Quote
On my way to the Textile area I had to breeze through the Northwest display so I went back after my assigned time for the American Masters.  the had several wonderful pieces of Indian art but I loved these button coat/blankets the best. 
This one had shell buttons

They are a combination of button and appliqué and they were just stunning.  They reminded me of "Button Coats" that I had seen in an article about people from a specific part of London, who decorated their clothing with buttons.

I may just have to do this on my old denim jacket!

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