Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thumb down fingerless mitts

I love fingerless mitts, especially the ones with a thumb gusset.  So when my sister (the knitter) showed me a pattern for knitted mitts that started at the THUMB! I had to figure out a way to crochet them. For you knitters, the original knitter is http://knitting-and-so-on.blogspot.com/ but I do not see the original circular mitts, however, her other patterns are glorious.  Anyway, I just jumped in and started on my own. 

Starting at the thumb and increasing the circle
I started with a ribbing on the thumb, her pattern called for ribbing all of the way down the thumb, I only did 3 rows (just because) and then increasing evenly to enlarge the circle.  I used a standard circle increase.  Keep going on the circle until it fits around the palm of your hand.  Then I joined the outer edges and used short rows to fill in by the pinky and the wrist.  I finished off with ribbing at the top and the wrist.  They look different because I played around with different methods of short rows and decreasing..

I used sock yarn (Lang Jawoll Magic superwash) and a size G hook.  When I flew to NJ my sister picked me up at the airport and we went to a yarn shop (of course, yeeaaahhh) that she likes, The Stitching Bee in NJ a very nice shop with a wonderful sale bin.  I am working on a pattern for the mitts.

Here it is on my hand, I may make the thumb a little shorter but they are nice and toasty and I love the way they showcase the yarn.

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