Monday, March 24, 2014

Overlay Crochet

Hi, Pat checking in here.  Nice post on blocking Marie, I have to block some pieces and yours are an inspiration.  I have been playing around with what is, for me, a new crochet technique, Overlay crochet and making some pieces from Crochet overlay jewelry by Melody MacDuffee.  She works with a size 14 needle and sewing thread, way to small for me so I moved up to a size 10 steel hook and size 8 cotton crochet thread.  The pieces are very dense and textural and I love the process.
Above is a little purse, the strap is all the colors crocheted together.  The fringe is from the Beaded Edge by Midori Nishida with coral drops. The closure is a vintage flower and a loop. It is about 3 1/2 inches square without the fringe.

 This is the front and back of a little bag that is about 3 inches square.  It too has a crocheted beaded fringe (with sandstone), vintage buttons and a small wrist strap.  The wrist strap is beaded and I am working on a longer necklace length so that the straps can be interchangeable. The back is just a square design with no overlay.

This is my favorite so far, it is the back and front of a potential bag that has not yet been assembled.  I have some great orange beads and grey beads that I am hoping to use, it reminds me of fire.
Melody also does cabochons, I adapted the idea to encompass rocks.  these were a couple I had picked up in Terra Lingua TX (outside of Big Bend).  The samples below I bought while shopping with a friend and browsing in a rock shop.

Overlay is fun but I can only do it for a few hours in the morning while I am awake and alert enough to figure it out.  Now I have to work on creating some of my own patterns, I want to do some mandalas. 

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