Friday, April 19, 2013

More Felting adventures

Corrections for the Chameleon bracelet are in the April 2,2013 post; the free ribbon cuff is on the February 16,2013 post.

I went to NJ for my mom's 90th birthday in March.  We had a great time, a party for Mom, visiting relatives and friends, a little yarn shopping.  One of my friends took us to NYC to see a play.  We had a great time, thank you Cheryl.

My sister and I have been felting, or to be more accurate, fulling.  She knits, I crochet, we have been working on some things and when we got together at my mom's we felted them.  Marie has been doing these wonderful big baskets - they work great as cat beds and she made one for her yarn.  We also did some baskets, bowls and vases.  We did learn that the felting worked better after I had run several loads of wash.  The hot water was much hotter and it made a difference in the felting.  Here are some of our projects.

Marie's basket before felting

Same basket after one washing; you can still see the stitches

Same basket after a second wash in hotter water;
much more blending and it is stiffer
This is a moebius basket that works well as a cat basket;
the design has been cat tested!

Marie's bowl and a moebius basket


Pat's two vases (crocheted), same pattern (different rim) same yarn;
the second one is MUCH smaller, it was washed in hotter water
and it is much stiffer 
First vase with a glass vase and flowers in it

Pat's crocheted moss basket or nest.  Wool yarn with acrylic green fluffy stuff;
I want to wash it again

As you can see we got quite a bit done.  Part of the shopping was at a small yarn shop, I found lots of yarn on sale to make Guardian's of the Forest.  These will be soft and semisoft crocheted and fabric sculptures inspired by some pictures we took while walking the celery farm.  You know how you can see shapes in the clouds?  Well you can see faces in the forest.  We are calling them guardians and I have started work on them.  I will post when I get a few more done.

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