Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Doll Dresses

I crocheted doll dress for my cousin's 2 girls.  I found the pattern at - they have lots of knitted and crocheted patterns.  One has pink trim and the other has purple trim.  After I made the first one I found that the dress was difficult to get on the doll so I changed the pattern a bit.  Instead of crocheting in the round when the skirt starts, I crocheted in rows for about 8 or 9 rows and then started crocheting in the round - this made it much easier to get on the doll.  Also next time I will use fewer buttons on the back.  Doll clothes are such fun (and the dolls don't outgrow the clothes before I finish them).

What fun, I started sewing and crocheting with doll clothes and here I am full circle again.  Cannot wait to create some of my own designs.  BTW - the girls loved them, we may have new crocheters coming along!

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