Friday, February 8, 2013

Cuff Bracelet Examples

Hopefully my Amethyst chip cuff bracelet will be published in Crochet magazine this Spring.  The pictures below are a few other ides for cuff bracelets that I have crocheted.  I used Conso cord and a mixed 6/0 bead mix for the early ones.  Conso cord is an upholstery thread, nice and stiff but I do not like the way it looks after a year or more.  It starts to look faded (unless I go for a denim look, hmmmm have to think about that).  I prefer using cotton cord, it gives a softer finish, it is easier to find and there is a wide range of colors and sizes.  For most chips I need a 40 weight, chips tend to have smaller holes and they abrade the thread somewhat.  The lighter weight makes it easier to string the beads and move them along.  Below are some of my other designs.

These are silk embroidery ribbon with 6/0 seed beads as the background.  The "paddles" are vintage beads.  Instead of snaps I used loops and the vintage paddles as the closure (bottom view).


This is Conso cord again with 6/0 seed beads as the base.  I made the charms from leaf shaped beads.  the charms are attached to jump rings.  I tried crocheting soldered jump rings in to the design but I find that the weight of the dangle pulls on the thread and I have had much more success using split jump rings placed through the 6/0 seed beads and attaching dangles to that.  I have used buttons, charms, anything that can be put on a head pin really.


This is conso cord with a leaf design crocheted as the pattern.  The leaves have 3 seed beads (11/0) on each side to make the dangle.  the flower beads were attached by sewing them to the thread using a 15/0 seed bead as the center.

I have several other examples, but they seem to have disappeared into my studio "black hole".  I will post them when the gremlins decide to let them surface.  All of these use a basic "cuff cover" adapted for the width of the blank and the weight of the thread or ribbon.  New cuff pattern coming in the next post using ribbon instead of beads!

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